Gas Detection

Offering Gas Detection and Monitoring Services

Don't leave your life safety, gas detection, and ventilation systems service to just anyone. OLeary Temperature Controls is highly trained and certified in the design, installation, and service of Honeywell Analytics gas detection products. Sensepoint XCD or XCL, E3Point, Midas and SQN8x sample draw systems and Manning platforms are what we are trained in and where our experience derives.


Whether it's carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide for garage areas, Methane and refrigeration gases for mechanical plants, Hydrogen, Oxygen depletion/enrichment for laboratory, educational, or health care environments, we have the experience.

We can design systems for your specialty gasses to fit your needs. Design, install, program, integrate to third party systems, and continued service, all by one company, makes the process turnkey.

State-of-the-Art Honeywell Analytics
Highly Trained and Certified Technicians
Design, Install, and Service
Calibration Certifications

Need advice or a site visit? Need service on your Toxalert, ACME, Carmon, RKI, Danfoss, Sectra, or Enmet systems? Please feel free to contact us.